Sale and Special Offer Arrows

We’ve currently got a couple of sets of bargain arrows on eBay as we’re running out of space in the workshop!:

We sometimes get rid of sets of arrows at stupidly cheap prices, so it’s worth keeping an eye out on here.

The main reasons for our special offers are either that we’re shifting odd numbers of arrows (with the spine and weight matching, we often have odd numbers left over), or we’ve been experimenting with something new and want to sell on the prototypes.

If you’re not fussy about colours, woods, points etc, let us know what you’re after and we may be able to offer you something for less than you’ll find anywhere else!

(SOLD!) Seconds: 5/16″ Pine, 35-40lb, 28.75″ long with 3″ shield fletching (white hen, blue cock)

These are good standard shooting set, with a grain spread across the 12 between 415 and 426. They’re stained with light teak, and are varnished. The 100 grain brass bullet point makes this a good light distance target arrow, for those pulling up to 49lb (8gpp).

The one fault is that an odd point was fitted. It is a 100gr brass bullet point, but it is shorter than the others, giving a slightly odd look when photographed, but I doubt anyone will ever notice! Have a look at these on @thelongbowyer on twitter.

(SOLD!) 11/32″ Pine with 3″ shield fletching (grey hen, orange cock)

See them on our Arrows Twitter.

This is a good set of cheap arrows, with a 30 grain spread, good and straight, with little run off. 6 of the arrows are within 10 grains, so well worth a look.

Currently uncut or pointed, they’ll make a great 31-31.5″ distance target arrow for a bow pulling 45lbs at that draw, with a weight around 420-450 (6 at 440-450) with a 70gr brass bullet point. Alternatively, with a 125gr point on, it’ll suit a 50lb bow at 28″.

Oiled and waxed, posted in a strong tube First Class signed for, the cost for this set will be £60. (£52+£8 postage)

6 x 3/8″ Maple with 7.5″ handcut fletching and hand forged needlepoint bodkin.

See these warbow arrows on Twitter.

I originally made these for myself, but before I even finished cutting the binding neatly I injured myself and can’t now shoot the 80lb warbow they were made for, so someone will get a bargain!

With a 35″ draw length (I’m tall and drew the bow to my ear!), they’re spined at 87-97lbs and will suit a bow of around 65-80lbs (I usually drew to 33-34″, so I slightly underspined them). 1013-1017 grains across the set.

If you want them shortening, they would suit an 80-90lb bow at 32″. This isn’t a quick job with hand forged points, but could be done for no extra cost.

They conform to the EWBS Livery Arrow specs in all aspects, apart from the wood, which doesn’t technically qualify.

The cost for these 6 posted within the UK will be £110 (£100+£10 postage).

If there’s anything you’re interested in, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.