60-65lb black brown longbow arrows

A set of 12 Bearpaw Fir wood arrows.

The 11/32” shafts of these arrows have been sanded and finished with a clear gloss outdoor acrylic varnish. There is a little more grain run off with this set than is preferable, but they will still shoot well.

Length: 31.75” from back of point to base of nock (actually just 1/16” short of 32” - see picture).

Wood: Bearpaw Fir

Shaft: 11/32” 60-65lb manufacturer spined

Nock: Black Bohning index nock

Fletching: 4” shield feathers, black hens, brown index

Point: 125 grain parallel fit Bearpaw 3D point (suitable for all types of archery).

Weights are between 578-595grains

This set fall well within our range for good ‘practice’ arrows.

These arrows would be suitable for longbows drawn to between 55-60lbs.

If you’re unsure of the suitability of these arrows for your bow, please message us.