Specialist, Warbow and Bamboo arrows

Warbow arrows

Warbow Arrows

Arrows for heavy warbows are hard to come by – it’s the reason we started building our own…

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Bamboo Arrows

Bamboo Arrows

Bamboo arrows have long been associated with asiatic recurves (horsebows), but are…

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Warbow and bamboo arrows are hard to find, and fletchers with the skills required are thin on the ground. This was one of the factors which pushed us to make our own nearly a decade ago.

Since then we have worked with bamboo and traditional warbow shafts from several sources, and are now able to provide high quality finished arrows suitable for those archers who aren't catered to by the major retailers. There aren't many places you can get a 1/2" ash shaft, or a 39" bamboo arrow from!

We make a huge range of weird and wonderful arrows, from 1/4″ flight arrows to 1/2″ battle arrows for re-enactors and historical recreations. We’ve put together a few of our more interesting examples on the commissions page, so take a look as we're always adding new pictures.

Have a look at the 'arrow options' page if you'd like some more information on what is possible. If you're pretty sure that it can be made, we'll give it a go!

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