Around the turn of the century Tim decided he wanted to shoot the English Longbow as a hobby.

Unfortunately, Tim wasn't particularly good at it at first, and he broke lots of arrows.

He couldn't afford to buy lots of arrows, but discovered that he could afford to make them....!

I began this journey making arrows for myself, and soon I had clubmates requesting sets. Before long I had a website and got a few orders. I then took up the warbow and asiatic recurve (I'm afraid that we still called them horsebows back then!), and found that very few people made arrows for these kinds of bows in the UK - it was still predominantly victorian patterned English longbow arrows, though a few craftspeople dabbled in alternatives.

Over time I've gathered a few colleagues who will assist me with technical details especially on specialist commissions.

Then, as now, if I feel that someone else is better qualified to make a set of arrows to your specifications, I'll let you know and put you in touch with them.

Thankfully, even some of the people I send elsewhere come back to me for more of the work that I do well.

I don't make everything for every set of arrows from scratch, but I do take care over the suppliers I use, as I do with the craftspeople I employ. Care is taken that woods are not endangered and, where possible, sourced as close to the UK as we can find them. Fittings are always high quality, from specialist archery suppliers in the UK and Europe. Hand made supplies come from craftspeople in the UK. Even the silk for binding fletchings is made in a factory in Suffolk!

I am always looking out for new ideas, new tradespeople to work with, and new suppliers of high quality stock, so if you've got something you think I can use - especially if you're UK based, please let me know.

If you get in touch, you'll probably be in contact with me, unless it's a particularly technical question, at which point I'll hand you over to someone who knows more than I do. There are no 'admin' staff here!

Most importantly, I'm an archer. I still break a few every now and again - it gives me a chance to make a new set for myself for a change!

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