26-27lb paint fade arrows

A paint prototype which didn’t go exactly as planned, but they’ll certainly shoot well!

A set of 6 spruce wood arrows. The shafts have a painted finish, through which you can see the grain, fading from neon yellow to green (with hints of blue). Will be posted Royal Mail First Class Signed For the next working day after receipt of payment (or the same day if paid by 10am).

They’ve been sanded and finished with a clear gloss outdoor acrylic varnish.

Length: 29” from back of point to base of nock.

Wood: Bearpaw spruce

Shaft: 5:16” 26-27lb hand spined

Nock: Flo yellow/green Bohning index nock

Fletching: 4” shield feathers, green hens, yellow index

Point: 125 grain parallel fit brass bullet point (suitable for all types of archery).

Weights are between 360-370grains.

This set fall well in our range for ‘competition matched’ arrows.

These arrows would be suitable for traditional longbows drawn to around 32lbs.

If you’re unsure of the suitability of these arrows for your bow, please message us.