Dozen cheap crested 3D arrows

SOLD - sorry!

The 5/16” shafts of these arrows have been stained and have a limewash fade through the fletching area to the nock and are simply crested. They’ve been sanded and finished with a clear gloss outdoor acrylic varnish. There is a little more grain run off with this set than is preferable, but they will still shoot well.

Length: 29.5” from back of point to base of nock.

Wood: Bearpaw Spruce

Shaft: 5/16” 35-40lb manufacturer spined

Nock: White Bohning index nock

Fletching: 3" parabolic feathers, purple hens, pink index

Point: 125 grain parallel fit Bearpaw 3D point (suitable for all types of archery).

Weights are between 373-380 grains

This set fall well within our range for good ‘club’ arrows.

These arrows would be suitable for English longbows or other traditional wood bows shot off the fingers at around 40lbs.

If you’re unsure of the suitability of these arrows for your bow, please message us.