Crested, spliced and helical fletched!


These were made to prove a point to a fellow archer who suggested that you couldn’t make spliced helical fletching - as such they were done quite quickly, so the quality isn’t perfect.

£35 inc. P&P

They’re good set of 6 crested and feather spliced wood arrows. Will be posted Royal Mail First Class Signed For the next working day after receipt of payment (or the same day if paid by 10am).

This was a test set, to see how well helical fletching would work with spliced feathers - the end result isn't bad and should shoot well at short distances (winter indoors, or short field courses), but it isn't up to our usual standards (please see photos for the slight mis-matching on the feathers).

The shafts of these striking arrows have been crested with iridescent blue/black, then finished with a clear gloss outdoor acrylic varnish. There is a little grain run off with this set, but they will still shoot well.

Length: 32” from back of point to base of nock

Wood: Bearpaw pine

Shaft: 5/16” 37-41lb hand spined

Nock: Transparent blue Marco nock

Fletching: 4” shield feathers, helical fletched, Blue hens, black index with blue splicing

Point: 125 grain taper fit Bearpaw high penetration 3D point (suitable for all types of archery). If you wish to change the point, or shorten the arrows this can be done simply by heating the point for around 30 seconds in a flame, after which the glue will have softened.

The weight matching on this set is very close at 505-513, so should group well.

This set would be suitable for shorter distance shooting with traditional bows drawn to around 35lbs.

If you’re unsure of the suitability of these arrows for your bow, please get in touch.

These arrows will be posted to you the workind day following payment (or the same day if paid prior to 10am) First Class Signed For anywhere in the UK.

For customers abroad, I am happy to work with your courier, but please check that they are happy to accept arrows, and that you confirm costs for a postal tube of around 87cm length and 8cm diameter.

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