eBay 99p start dozen crested arrows


This is 99p start with no reserve for a set of 12 practice quality arrows, well matched, but without our normal quality of finishing - but unless your arrow puller looks closely, no-one will notice!

Please look at all of the photos carefully. I’ve tried to document examples of all issues with finish accurately, but not every blemish has been photographed.

A set of 12 Bearpaw Spruce wood arrows. Will be posted Royal Mail First Class Signed For the next working day after receipt of payment (or the same day if paid by 10am).

The 5/16” shafts of these arrows have been crown painted white and are simply crested in blue with gold detailing. This cresting was done quickly for a demonstration, so please check photos if you are particularly concerned about quality. They’ve been sanded and finished with a clear gloss outdoor acrylic varnish. There is a little more grain run off and machining marks with this set than is preferable, but they will still shoot well.

Length: 31.75” from back of point to base of nock.

Wood: Bearpaw Spruce

Shaft: 5/16” 30-35lb manufacturer spined

Nock: White Bearpaw index nock

Fletching: 4" shield feathers, white hens, blue index

Point: 100 grain parallel fit Bearpaw 3D point (suitable for all types of archery).

Weights are between 364-386 grains, with 9 between 379-386

These would normally be classified as ‘practice’ arrows.

These arrows would be suitable for English longbows or other traditional wood bows shot off the fingers at around 35lbs.

If you’re unsure of the suitability of these arrows for your bow, please message us.