Hand-made Wooden Target Arrows

Our Wooden Target arrows are used by archers using a variety of bows, including longbows, American flatbows and horsebows.

Our Cheap Wooden Target Arrows really are rather good for the price, and we feel they’re a better quality and of a higher standard finish than other arrows for the same price (£75 for a dozen, including postage and packing!), with spine and weight matching throughout.

Standard Target arrows are made to closer tolerances and will be matched as closely as possible to your requirements regarding overall arrow weight, balance point as well as having a wider choice of fletching styles and colours. These start at £95/dozen inc. P&P, though some options may push them higher.

For very tight tolerances, excellent quality shafts and fine matching for front of centre balance, spine and weight, try our Competition Wooden Target Arrows. We make them simple but effective (unless you want to make things complex for us – we always like a challenge – in which case have a look at our Arrow Options page). Competition matched arrows start at £100 for a set of 8.