Club arrows

When you’re shooting week after week and need a good reliable arrow that won’t let you down in the scoring department we recommend our club arrows.

Spine matched to 5lbs (+/-2lbs) and weight matched across the set to within 25 grains finished arrow weight, we only pick clean, knot free shafts for these arrows. We also ensure a consistent balance point throughout the set.

Parallel flush fitting 3D or brass bullet points will usually be fitted to these arrows, but if you have a specific point preference, please let us know.

Index nocked in your choice of colour, and with a choice of feathers up to 5″ in either parabolic or shield shape fletching, we can also stain these arrows to your requirements. You can choose to have them finished with oil or varnish and then waxed.

We take care to sand out imperfections and rough surfaces which could affect your shooting, so our standard target arrows will be consistent time after time.

Set of 12: £95

Prices include UK postage. For overseas shipping costs, please contact us.