Competition matched

We hand-pick the shafts for our competition wood arrows, matching them to within 3lbs of spine (+/- 1lb) and to within 15 grains across the set (this can be closer if requested, and stocks allow). We ensure that all competition shafts are free from blemishes and pin knots as well as having the straightest possible grain.

Once selected, the balance point of the shaft is marked, and the shafts are cut to ensure a consistent front of centre balance point suitable for the distances and style of shooting you will be doing, with reference to the point weight and overall length of the arrow.

We have a large range of points, from traditional brass, to machined steel and Victorian patterned piles, and we will fit parallel points flush to the shaft unless otherwise requested.

Fletching can be either shield or parabolic, or something else – let us know if you have a preference and if it’s available, we’ll get it in, depending on cost. Custom fletching is available, though may add a little to the price. For shorter distances, helical fletching is available, though usually just a slight offset is applied to ensure minimal drag for the longer shots.

If you’ve seen points, fletching or nocks that you’d like us to include, then we are happy to buy them in to your specification, though this may increase the cost.

These arrows aren’t crested or numbered, but this can be added as an optional extra.

Set of 8 – from £100 (depending on stocks) including postage to a UK address.

Set of 12 – from £140 (depending on stocks) including postage to a UK address.