Cheap Wooden Target Arrows

We don’t like saying we’re cheap – but these really are some of the most inexpensive wooden target arrows you’ll want to use!

Manufacturer spine matched to 6lbs (from 20-25 up to 60-65lbs), and weight matched to 50 grains (+/- 25gr, but often closer) for a set, these scandinavian spruce or northern pine shafted arrows are of very good general shooting quality.

The spruce or pine shafts are straight (and easy to straighten) and strong. There’s going to be a few pin knots and the odd wavy grain, but we remove shafts with major blemishes before building them. We will cut shafts to length free of charge and can provide arrows up to 31″ from the base of the nock to the neck of the pile.

They come with a basic plastic nock, up to 5″ feather flights and a taper fit brass target point – all for £75/dozen posted to a UK address!

For clubs, businesses and organisations, we’re also happy to make up larger orders – 2 dozen £135, 4 dozen £250 and if you really want  a huge load of arrows (or you just tend to lose them!) – 10 dozen for £570.

We’ve use these arrows on a daily basis with customers, so they’re tried and tested. Happy shooting!

Set of 12 – £75.

UK postage is included in the price. Please contact us for overseas shipping costs.

It’s always worth checking our Sale Arrows for what we’re clearing out of stock.