Warbow Arrows

Arrows for heavy warbows are hard to come by – it’s the reason we started building our own!

We can build warbow arrows for bows between 70 and 150lbs. We mainly use ash, poplar and birch shafts, but occasionally get some of the more weird and wonderful shaft materials in – we’ve even built some from beech, but they have a tendecy to shatter at the lightest touch – not fun!

English Warbow Society Standard, Livery and Military Arrows

We can build a simple arrow in pretty much the same way as either our cheap target arrows or cheap field arrows, just using heavier shafting, or we can go the whole hog and depending upon materials and availability we can build fully English Warbow Society (EWBS) spec compliant Standard Arrows, Livery Arrows or Quarter Pound Arrows.

Costs for the basic arrow are slightly higher mainly due to the cost of the shafting, and the serious stuff (horn nocks, silk binding, hand forged broadheads, tapered shafts etc) doesn’t come cheap, and they take an age to make, but it’s worth it to feel like you’ve gone back in time!

There’s loads of options with these, so get in touch, but here’s a few possibilities:

6 basic 23/64″ Ash shooting arrows – plastic nocks, machined points, 4″ fletching, spine matched, not weight matched – £50

6 warbow 3/8″ birch shooting arrows (80-105lb) not matched, self nock, 4″ fletching, machined points – £54

6 matched within 10lb spine and 30gr 3/8″ birch, self nock, 4″ fletching machined bodkin – £66

6 medieval 3/8″ shooting arrows, self nock 6″ fletching – not bound, machined/drop forged bodkin, unmatched – £77

6 EWBS (and BLBS) Standard arrow – £140

6 EWBS Livery arrow – £155

6 EWBS Quarter Pound (heavy military) arrow – £180

(Hint: We occasionally clear cheap warbow arrows on ebay!)