We can make arrows with a huge variety of fletching, from stock parabolic and field feathers through to full length hand-cut warbow fletching. We even hand cut feathers supplied to us from birds managed in reserves such as pheasant, mallard, woodpigeon, goose and turkey.

Shield and parabolic stock feathers – from 2.25″ to 5″. Shorter fletching provides less drag (higher site marks and longer distances). Longer fletching provides stability and accuracy especially at shorter distances. The choice of shape is purely aesthetic.

Full length traditional fletching – from 6″ – 9″ or longer depending upon feather type. We have a pretty good stock of full length feathers which we can cut to your style. If you want to design a feather shape which is unique to you then we can use it on your arrows.

Specials – we have stocks of some feathers in on a regular basis, including wood pigeon up to 4″ (mid grey, fades through pale grey to dark grey at the back of the feather), mallard up to 2.5″ (irridescent blue, a shallow feather ideal for distance), and several barred feathers from pheasant and wild turkey. We’ve also made fletching from peacock eye feathers (really hard to do and the effect is not so good as you’d expect, but it’s unique!) and flu-flus from ostrich feathers (lots of fun, and extremely showy!).

Tailor made – we can cut fletches to your shape (as long as it’s possible!). Just send us your design and we will try our best to replicate it – we’ll post you out a prototype for you to assess, and as long as you’re happy, we’ll put them on your arrows. This isn’t a highly technological enterprise – it usually involves scissors, but we’ve got a bit of experience at cutting strange shapes, so as long as you don’t mind them being slightly rustic, this is a unique way of personalising your arrows.

So, whether you want simple shapes and colours, or something a bit flash, we can help. We can also help you choose which type of fletching will suit your purpose – a flight arrow for a long draw on a horsebow will have very different feathers to a target arrow for a short drawn longbow – hopefully we’ll find you a good match.