Bamboo arrows for NS Design

Nevil got in touch looking to get a set of bamboo arrows which were nocked and pointed but unfletched, as this was one part of the job of making arrows that he enjoyed.

As with many commissions, over the series of emails exchanged, we found that Nevil was going to be using them in a photoshoot to advertise the leather quivers and accessories he makes, which can be found on the NSDesigns website.

We have recently shifted from self-nocked bamboo, which can often shift and widen, leaving a less satisfactory nocking action, to specially made horn inserts, which have a rough nock which we shape and finish. This tends to keep a better grip on the string for modern archers who are reluctant to grip the arrow in any way. We left them slightly tight and the client was happy to perfect the fit himself, with a couple of minutes of light sanding.

We fitted over-fit brass bullet points as Nevil intended using the arrows for field archery (this ensures that the point is kept as strong as possible, in case of striking trees or rocks, which the bamboo shaft will often outlast pine, spruce or POC). For target archers we tend to aim for a more flush fit.

In finishing the arrows, Nevil used a helical fletch and barred feathers.