We’ve got a pretty reasonable range of shafts, but because we try to keep such a range we occasionally run out – give us a call if there’s anything specific you require – we can get most things, or suggest good alternatives. We’re not a shaft supplier, so these are only available as made up arrows. We may be able to point you toward a supplier if you’re stuck though, so feel free to get in touch.

Sitka Spruce – this is our preferred standard wood for longbow arrow shafts. Available in 5/16″ from 25-55#, 11/32″ from 40-85# and 23/64″ from 55-100#. We can also get hold of 9/32″ when required. Lengths up to 32″. Non-trad.

Port Orford Cedar – still popular with the Americans, we get stocks of this in when needed, most sizes similar to above, though the 23/64″ is hard to source. Lengths up to 32″. Non-trad (unless you’re American!).

Pine – good solid stuff, though we don’t keep a lot in stock, so it may take a short while for us to get hold of it. 1/4″, 5/16″, 11/32″, 23/64″ available. Lengths up to 33″. Non-trad.

Ash – pretty good stocks of 23/64″ spined from 45-90#. 3/8″ from 70-100# and 1/2″ for the big boys. Lengths up to 35″. Trad according to historic texts.

Birch – this is our preferred wood for the warbows – it’s not easy to spine this stuff, but we can match sets roughly to 10lbs between around 70-100# in 3/8″. 1/2″ for the real warbows. Lengths up to 35″. Trad – found on Mary Rose.

Poplar – 3/8″ similar to the birch. 1/2″ for the broomhandle shooters. 1/2″ tapered to 3/8″ for the posh warbow archer – nice shafts, but light, so may not get up to real heavy weights. Lengths up to 35″. Trad – found on Mary Rose.

Maple 3/8″ and 1/2″, lengths up to 35″. Non-trad, but a heavy and solid shaft for stronger bows. AFB shooters quite like these.

Bamboo – sizes for bamboo are variable due to the way the stuff grows. Spines from 35-100lb. Lengths up to 39″. Trad if you’re from a country where this stuff grows, good stuff even if you’re not. Naturally nock tapered. Extremely strong.

We can provide parallel, nock tapered and barrelled arrows if you want them, though they do tend to cost a bit.